TOTR Facilitator Updates

Facilitator Update Opportunities

We will be releasing the next update of the award-winning Teaching on the Run (TOTR) program in March 2024. It will include the following 10 workshops: Effective Learner Supervision, Communication Fundamentals, Planning Learning, Clinical Teaching, Skills Teaching Assessment Fundamentals, Supporting Learners, Effective Group Teaching, Interprofessional Collaboration and Advanced Communication.

To support facilitator preparation for delivery of updated program we are offering free 1.5-hour sessions via Zoom to advise of minor and major changes to topics and content. While there are a range of dates, you only need to ATTEND ONE SESSION.

If you have any questions/queries, please E:

Session 1:

Monday, 11th March | 12.00-1.30pm (WA) / 2.00-3.30pm (QLD) 2.30-4.00pm (NT/SA) / 3.00-4.30pm (VIC/ACT/NSW/TAS)

TOTR Facilitator Updates – Session 1

Session 2:

Tuesday, 19th March | 7.30-9.00am (WA) / 9.30-11.30am (QLD) 10.00-11.30am (NT/SA) / 10.30-12.00pm (VIC/ACT/NSW/TAS)

TOTR Facilitator Updates – Session 2

Session 3:

Wednesday, 27th March | 4.00-5.30pm (WA) / 6.00-7.30pm (QLD) 6.30-8.00pm (NT/SA) / 7.00-8.30pm (VIC/ACT/NSW/TAS)

TOTR Facilitator Updates – Session 3

Session 4:

Thursday, 4th April | 9.00-10.30am (WA) / 11.00-12.30pm (QLD) 11.30-1.00pm (NT/SA) / 12.00-1.30pm (VIC/ACT/NSW/TAS)

TOTR Facilitator Updates – Session 4

Session 5:

Friday, 12th April | 1.30-3.00pm (WA) / 3.30-5.00pm (QLD) 4.00-5.30pm (NT/SA) / 4.30-6.00pm (VIC/ACT/NSW/TAS)

TOTR Facilitator Updates – Session 5