Learning on the Run Enrolment


The Learning on the Run Program (LOTR) is designed for those about to enter their profession or on an early career pathway or who have trained overseas and have limited experience working in the Australian healthcare system.

Learning on the Run involves 4x 1.5-hour workshops that can be delivered by distance education or face-to-face. Each topic can be offered as a standalone or component part of the entire package depending on your learner’s needs.

If you would like to add the Learning on the Run (LOTR) program to your current facilitator profile so that you can deliver it to your participants, please enrol in one of the following options.

Note: Places are limited to 20 people maximum for each session.


Option 1:

14 and 15 Nov 2022 9.00-12.30pm (AWST) / 12.00-3.30pm (AEDT) each day

This option is currently closed for submissions. If you want to be notified of future workshops please email us at admin@tellcentre.org

Option 2:

14 and 15 Nov 2022 1.30-5.00pm (AWST) / 4.30-8.00pm (AEDT) each day

LOTR Enrolment Form – Option 2

If neither of the above training options suits you, but you want to be notified of future options please email us: admin@tellcentre.org